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We published our first peer-reviewed paper in July 2020.

Rosenbloom D, Rinscheid A. Deliberate decline: An emerging frontier for the study and practice of decarbonization. WIREs Clim Change. 2020;e669. https://doi.org/10.1002/wcc.669 


Promoting low-carbon innovation has long been a central preoccupation within both the practice and theory of climate change mitigation. However, deep lock-ins indicate that existing carbon-intensive systems will not be displaced or reconfigured by innovation alone. A growing number of studies and practical initiatives suggest that mitigation efforts will need to engage with the deliberate decline of carbon-intensive systems and their components (e.g., technologies and practices). Yet, despite this realisation, the role of intentional

decline in decarbonization remains poorly understood and the literature in this area continues to be dispersed among different bodies of research and disciplines. In response, this article structures the fragmented strands of research engaging with purposive decline, interrogating the role it may play in decarbonization. It does so by systematically surveying concepts with particular relevance for intentional decline, focusing on phase-out, divestment, and destabilization.

A pre-print (open access) is available here: shorturl.at/djyF4


Non Peer-Reviewed

Duygan, Mert, Aya Kachi, and Adrian Rinscheid. "A conceptual framework for elucidating how agency shapes destabilization of socio-technical systems." (2019). Prepared for the 4th International Conference on Public Policy [Working paper available]

Rinscheid, Adrian, and Aya Kachi. "Phase-outs: Why they are central for low-carbon transitions and what the new COALSTAKE project aims to contribute." The 34th Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN) Newsletter (2019). [Newsletter available]



Video [6.44]

Jan. 22, 2020

Interview by SNIS. "Aya Kachi on Project #COALSTAKE, Phasing out Coal and the Importance of Interdisciplinary POV's"

Podcast [1.11.33]

June. 25, 2020

Podcast by Scientists for Future: Discussing the history and politics of the German coal phase-out with Adrian Rinscheid. 

Video [2.46]

Nov. 15, 2019

Interview by SNIS. "COALSTAKE: Comparative Analyses of Stakeholder & Resource Industries' strategies in IPE"

Featured blog

Aug. 5, 2020

On Advanced Science News, Adrian Rinscheid & Daniel Rosenbloom discuss how deliberate decline in carbon-intensive systems is currently taking shape as a new way to confront climate change.